Ready to Boof?

Ecuador is known as the land of boofs

come learn why.

What Our Clients Say

The rivers were all beautiful, I appreciate the way the week was setup so that the most challenging rivers were paddled at the end. I enjoyed experiencing the local cuisine – like the plantains, fish with heads and eyes, different fruit.  The meals that Andrea cooked herself were very good… especially Mexican night!

– Heather A.

“I can honestly say that in all of my travels I have never had such a hands-on and in depth experience of another culture. Everything about Ecuador, from the food to the people to the gorgeous mountains was beautiful and memorable.”

– Fawn A.

Hey Chris & Andrea,

Thanks for the GREAT!! time in Borja, I enjoyed meeting both of you as well. Thanks a lot Chris for showing me around your local rivers

– Dan N.

10 out of 10.  It was great being able to use the same boats as I do at home.  Also getting to use an Allstar and a hero was nice depending on the river. The boats fit great, had all my own equipment, and was lent stuff I forgot or didn’t have by guides

– Bradd T

Hope your new trip is as much fun as we were!  Have a great season and I will see you when you return. Thanks again for an awesome and magical trip!

– Cheryl H

We had a really good time in Ecuador. We all happy with the boats we rented. Thanks for everything, rivers infos, boats, shuttle and diner!! See you next year!!

– Vincent

Thanks for capturing the moment…hardly does justice to the feeling of family member blended with pampered guest. I know Jen and I will be still riding the stoke well into the spring from amazing rivers, fantastic food and amazing guides. Thank you Chris, Andrea, Ari, Abby, Ursula and Andres…and of course Radd.

– Luke F.

Your crew and the adventure you led us on exceeded all of my expectations and it’s hard to imagine how I could possibly be happier with my experience. You’ve all done something for us that we’ll always treasure.

– Alison S.

The Gates are OPEN! New Ecuador Accommodations

Ecuador Kayak moves into Cabañas Tres Rios New Ecuador Accommodations We are excited to announce our new lodge accommodations on the beautiful banks of the Quijos River.  Endless Adventure International is operating in the original Small World Adventure base starting November 2017. Cabañas Tres Rios has been hosting paddlers from all over the world for […]

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Jackson Kayak Sales Team Rocks Ecuador

Just finished our season in Ecuador and looking forward to another fun season with our British Columbia operation Endless Adventure on the Slocan River in the West Kootenays. For one of our last trips Endless Ecuador had the pleasure of hosting the sales team at Jackson Kayak for a jam packed week of paddling and camaraderie […]

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The Cheese House Whitewater Creek Kayak Race

New Years Eve, January 31, 2013. A colourful array of kayaks float down the Bridge to Baeza section of the Rio Quijos. The sound of hulls smashing down on the aerated water resonates across the river as paddlers soar off boof rocks. Huge smiles accompanied by fist pumps and hoots create a atmosphere of pure […]

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Ecuador Photography Part two- Randy Speers

      The second collection of photographic images from Endless Adventure International Guide Randy Speers              

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Ecuador Photography Part One- Randy Speers

Here is a collection of photos from our main guide Dito during his time in Ecuador.          

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Jungle Love- The Upper Jondachi

Upper Rio Jondachi and Urcusiqui Tributary   With a deafening roar, thunder claps directly overhead and rain begins to pour down on us. Although welcome at this low water level, Chris is well aware of the consequences of being caught deep in the canyon and urges us to pick up the pace. I am now […]

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First Annual Quijos River Race.

  Tres, dos, uno! With the countdown over, four paddlers spring forward, bows surging up, and as one of the racers takes his first stroke a bucket load of water drenches a surprised teenage boy behind him . Racers displace water as boats wiggle along the foot deep flatwater section. One of the middle paddlers […]

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Ecuador River Beta

  Since I first started paddling in Ecuador I was amazed at the number of quality river runs of all levels and styles.  Looking at a topo map of the country is like a spider web of endless paddling possibilities.  From the Quijos Valley with almost eighty kilometres of  whitewater to the Napo Valley  with […]

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