ecuador kayak Renatals

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Dagger Mamba 8.0
Dagger Mamba 7.6

Dagger Mamba 8.1

Dagger Mamba 8.6
Dagger Nomad 8.1
Dagger Nomad 8.5

Dagger Nomad MED

Dagger Nomad Small

WaveSport ZG 54
Jackson Allstar Classic
Jackson Allstar 2007
Jackson Star 2010
Jackson Fun
Jackson Hero
Jackson Karma Small
Jackson Karma Med

Jackson Karma Lrg

Jackson Villain Small
Jackson Villain Lg
Pyranaha Burn Med
Liquid Lodgic Biscuit 65
Liquid Logic Stomper 80

Jackson Kayak Zen Small

Jackson Kayak Zen MED
Jackson Kayak Zen LG

Jackson Kayak Zen 75



Whitewater ecuador kayak Rentals

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$25 a day or $20 for 14 days or more. prices in USD.


Gringo Warm Up

 New to the country of Ecuador? New to international kayak travelling? Want to get on some stout runs with an experienced guide? Endless Adventure International is offering this unique two or three day trip designed for the paddler on a budget and wanting to make the most of their kayak vacation. The Gringo Warm includes kayak rental, guiding, river lunch, logistics, and more importantly the insight needed to continue your travels with confidence and safety. Our Gringo Warm-up is the key to the country’s diverse logistical challenges, knowledge of where to eat, where to paddle and where to stay. Gringo warm up guests are also given the option to upgrade their package to our deluxe accommodation.

USD  $450 for 3 days. prices are per person

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